Volunteer Requirement U9-U12

Volunteers are a critical component to the quality and success of HVCA Soccer. Our programs are member-run and depend on volunteer support to ensure excellent and cost-effective programs for our young athletes.
As all Hidden Valley Community Association events are run by volunteers, we ask that you choose a volunteer option when registering for HVCA Sports. The volunteer roles and descriptions are available below. Volunteer roles are removed from the list of options at registration as they fill up so be sure to register early to get your choice. Only one volunteer commitment is required per family regardless of the number of players registered. If you do not wish to volunteer or are not able to, you may opt out by paying the $100 non-volunteer fee. The fee will be added at the time of registration.
New in 2015, all volunteers will be required to submit a $100 deposit cheque. Cheques should be made out to Hidden Valley Community Association, dated for the last day of the season and have the player’s name on the memo. The deposit cheque will be destroyed upon completion of the selected volunteer role, unless otherwise requested.  Families that opt out of volunteering by paying the $100 non-volunteer fee at registration are not required to submit a deposit. This policy is not intended as a fundraiser, rather to ensure participation from all families involved in HVCA Soccer. Your participation in this program is genuinely appreciated.
Cheque deposits are required to ensure participants’ names are added to team rosters.

HVCA will arrange a minimum of two (2) separate deposit collection events. If a family is not able to attend one of the deposit collection events at the Hidden Hut, it is their responsibility to contact sports@hiddenhut.org to arrange an alternate drop off.

Families without cheques will be required to sign an agreement allowing HVCA to charge $100 to the credit card used during registration, if the volunteer commitment is not fulfilled.

Cheques will be destroyed as volunteer roles (selected during registration) are completed unless otherwise requested.  Cheques will be cashed if a volunteer fails to fulfil their commitment.

2017 Volunteer Roles

U10 and U12 Co-Coach (2-3 hours per week) U10 – 3 per team and U12 – 3 per team – Along with one or two other coaches, plan age-appropriate practice drills and oversee game play.

U10 and U12 Team Manager (1 hour per week) U10 – 1 per team and U12 – 1 per team – Manage various aspects of the team such as (but not limited to) communication between Indoor Soccer Coordinator or SoccerTech and team participants (via email) and organize the team schedule (TeamSnap), pickup assigned equipment from Hidden Hut, collect volunteer cheques from team participants, and organize a team wind-up party.

Indoor Soccer Coordinator (1 hour per week) – 2 volunteers – Manage various aspects of the program such as (but not limited to) communication between SoccerTech and team managers (via email), regularly check Indoor Soccer email and deal with emails accordingly (contact HVCA board as required), distribute team photos to managers, distribute additional equipment required by teams during the indoor season, and collect equipment at the end of the season.

Ice Rink Maintenance (ongoing throughout the winter) 15 volunteers – Under the direction of a project leader, assisting in flooding and maintaining ice, clearing snow off the ice etc.

Winterfest (4 hrs in January 2018) 15 volunteers – Under direction of the event lead, manage various aspects of the event such as (but not limited to) set up/clean up, tending firepit, monitoring refreshments or managing activity stations at the Hidden Hut.

Easter Egg Hunt (4 hrs in March 2018) 10 volunteers – Under direction of the event lead, manage various aspects of the event such as (but not limited to) set up/clean up, hiding Easter eggs, handing out candy or managing craft stations at the Hidden Hut.

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